The Social and Ecological Justice Review presents research, analysis, news, reviews and other information in service to a more democratic, just, peaceful and sustainable world. Its particular focus is on public policy and politics in the state of Oregon.

Dr. Alan F. Zundel is the editor-in-chief and principle writer/researcher. Alan is a former professor of political science who specialized in public policy studies. His primary interests are in the areas of electoral reform and economic justice.

The SEJR is sponsored by the Institute for Social and Ecological Justice, which is being organized as a limited liability public benefit company. All funds will be used to serve the mission of the company, through business expenses, salaries, and other compensation for work done, with none distributed as profit. We have chosen not to organize as a tax-deductible non-profit at this time so as to preserve our freedom to take positions on political issues and candidates.

The Review is supported by voluntary donations. If you can contribute to support this work, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Go to the Help Support SEJR page.

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